Nuvi 250W – Manual Coordinates

B . Entering cache coordinates manually.

  1. Press the Where to? icon

    Main Screen

    Main Screen

  2. Scroll down and press the Coordinates icon.

    Coordinates Icon

    Coordinates Icon

  3. Each part of  the displayed coordinates can be edited by pressing on that part. Unless you are going to a cache that is far away or you happen to be right at the boundary of a degree of latitude or longitude, you probably only need to change the minutes portion of the coordinates.

    Enter Coordinates

    Enter Coordinates

  4. Edit the selected coordinate as needed by using the backspace key in the top right hand corner of the screen then key in the new coordinate using the number pad. Press Done
    when finished.

    Edit the Coordinate

    Edit a Coordinate

  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each part of the coordinates that need changing.
  6. Press the Next button on the Enter Coordinates screen.

    Press Next

    Finished Editting

  7. Your coordinates are entered. It is a good idea to save them, so press the Save button.

    Save the Coordinates

    Save the Coordinates

  8. On the Enter Name screen, type in a name that is meaningful to you. If I’m doing a few caches in a row I often just call them A1, A2, A3, but the GC identifier is certainly a good option.

    Enter the Name

    Enter a Name

  9. In this example I used the name Cache. Press Done when finished.

    Name Finished

    Meaningful Name

  10. The coordinates are saved. Press OK.

    Saved Coordinates

    Coordinates Saved

  11. Now you can press Go to start heading for the cache, or you can go back and enter and save more coordinates for other caches. All the coordinates you have saved are available from the Where To? -> Favorites list.

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