Nuvi 250W – Close to the Cache

C. Using the Nuvi 250W close to the cache.

Rather than a true tutorial this section is more of a series of tips for using the Nuvi 250W to approach a cache.

  1. If you are going into the woods or any other area where the route back to your starting point is not obvious, it is a good idea to save the starting point as a favorite.
    1. With the map displayed in the default 3D mode, press the car icon.
      Starting Point
    2. The current location will be shown, and you are given the option to save the location as a favorite. Press Yes.Saving a Favorite
    3. Give the location a meaningful name. In this example I used Start.
      Starting Point Name
    4. Press Done and the favorite is saved.
    5. When you are finished searching for the cache you can call up the favorites and select your starting point as the new destination.
  2. Sometimes switching to the overhead 2D view can give a better idea of your location relative to the cache.
    1. From the 3D view, press the screen anywhere except one of the icons.
      3D View Relative to Cache
    2. The 250W will switch to 2D or overhead view.
      2D View Relative to Cache
    3. In this view pressing the plus (+) or minus (-) icons will zoom the map in or out. As you get closer to the cache zooming in all the way will show as much detail as possible.
  3. Assorted tips
    1. The unit displays a purple straight line between the car icon and the checkered flag destination point. As you get closer to the cache the line will get shorter. If you are in an off road area, your path won’t correspond to any streets, and you may find that trails don’t take you directly to the cache location. Watch the relative locations of the car and the flag. They should get closer eventually. If not then re-evaluate your approach to the cache. Are you going in the wrong direction? Is some bushwacking required?
    2. The car icon usually orients itself in the direction you are going. Is it pointing towards the cache or in some other direction?
    3. Stand still sometimes. The readings can fluctuate a bit. Give them a chance to stabilize.
    4. In 3D view, watch the distance reading in the bottom right hand corner of the display and where the car icon is pointing. Take a couple of steps and see how they change.
    5. When you are very close to the cache (less than 5 meters), the reading fluctuations can make finding the exact location tricky. If possible it can help to walk away a little bit and approach the area from a different direction. You can usually narrow down the places where the cache might be. Sometimes this isn’t good enough, especially with micro caches when there are lots of possible hiding spots. At this point a thorough search is about all that will do.

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