First Out of Town Find

Up to now all the geocaching I have done has been within 20km of home.

I’ve checked the Google maps for caches near my parent’s vacation condo in Florida and there are plenty nearby including quite a few at Fort de Soto Park where we usually go to the beach. I haven’t been there in a few years, but we are planning a Florida vacation for next summer, and you can bet that next to Disney World a bit of geocaching will be a priority for me. As the time gets closer I will be asking for a bit of advice about geocaching while traveling. I don’t want to end up being gator bait, and I don’t know what other hazards may be waiting, but I have a few months to worry about that.

A business trip down to Duluth, Georgia gave me the chance to get my first find away from home. Previous trips there, before I started geocaching, had been for four or five days. This time I only had a day and a half, and most of that time was booked solid. Before leaving on the trip I identified a dozen caches within wasy walking distance of my hotel, and one of them was literally right behind the building. I got my only find the first day while going for a walk before dinner: GCR3YH – John’s Gazebo and tried to find the one by the hotel,  GC1VPYB – JC Cache 1, but failed due to a missed keyed digit in the coordinates. I hoped to get out before breakfast the next morning and get some more, but I only had a few minutes. I thought the sunrise might be earlier that far south of Toronto, but it wasn’t. I tried JC Cache 1 again, but my GPS didn’t want to get a signal. I new roughly where it was, but I simply didn’t have time for a thorough search. Next I will find more of them!


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