August Update

Despite a variety of commitments and other priorities this time of year, I keep looking for opportunities to slip in a cache here and there. After a month with no caches found, I finally got one. A brief stop at the office on Sunday to do some system maintenance lead to the chance to go to the local car pool parking lot, the site of GC1N4J2 – Mississauga Road Park and Pool. Previous attempts to do this one found the lot to be more active than expected, but Sunday mornings are quiet there and let me do the cache in just a few minutes.

On the Travel Bug front, I’ve been watching the progress of my two bugs and the one I gave my father. The first I released, Gatsby’s Ride, has made a couple of moves and is now in the hands of a cacher who is planning to take it out to Alberta. Micro Stig’s Enzo Ferrari, unfortunately, is not doing so well. After a quick start to the Great Canadian Travel Bug Race, the second cache it visited,  GCJNPD – 787 Vernon, was trashed. Micro Stig is now MIA along with one or two other bugs that were in the cache. An email exchange with the person who reported the trashing suggested it didn’t look like a typical muggling. No items were obviously strewn about, and the cache was sealed and in its proper location. I’m hoping to hear from the cache owner, and I’m hopeful Micro Stig may still turn up somewhere close to the cache or possibly even in another cache. But that is probably wishful thinking. My father’s bug, Chandelle, is now traveling the east coast after a 1200km jump from Ontario to Nova Scotia.


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