Holidays and Giant Hogweed

I had a list of a dozen caches I wanted to find while on holiday for a couple of weeks. That may not sound like many, but with a three year old I find it important to pick ones she will enjoy, so she will want to do more when the opportunity arises. Also, I don’t want to dominate our activities with geocaching. A cache here and there mixed in with other activities usually works out quite nicely.

We didn’t complete any of the caches.

One day we watched airplanes taking off from the runway across the street  from the Wendy’s at Airport Road and Orlando Drive where there happens to be a micro cache nearby. Even though it was lunch time, Devon didn’t want to get out of the car to look for the cache or get french fries (something she rarely turns down.)

Hogweed Warning

Another day took us to a park in Churchville which was the starting point for four caches in the park and a short distance along the Credit River. The first thing we encountered there was a sign in the parking lot warning of something called Giant Hogweed. I never heard of this before which is surprising considering we were only a few kilometers from home. The warning is a little scary. It is one thing to risk contacting poison ivy, but this stuff sounds a lot worse. The sap contains compounds that are activated by sunlight and uv rays that can cause blisters and burns. Not for me thanks. I didn’t learn the details until later, but after reading the sign I decided to be very careful approaching any of the heavily overgrown areas which was most of the area near the river. We spent a little time in a playground area, but in the end it was the mosquitos that drove us out of the park. They we really bad there; the worst we’ve encountered so far this summer.


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