Not the Airport Hilton

Airport Hilton

The Airport Hilton

SPOILER WARNING: While I’m careful not to give away too many specifics about a cache, it is always possible I might mention details you don’t want to know. Proceed accordingly.

We had great weather on Saturday, June 27, so the whole family headed out to the airport to release my father’s Chandelle travel bug. We parked at the Airport Hilton knowing the cache GCH31J – Not the Airport Hilton was close by. After a short stroll across the street we quickly homed in on ground zero. At a distance it looked as though a parked bus might cause some muggle interefence, but as we approached we saw that it was empty; the driver apparently gone on break. A few minutes of systematic searching followed and we found the cache, deposited my father’s travel bug as well as the two trackables I had had for two weeks.

We went for a little walk afterward since we had paid for the minimum 1 hour of parking. We thought we could see airplanes taking off, and we did, but the vantage point wasn’t that great. Then we drove to the other side of the airport and found a great spot to watch the planes land at Director Gate and Dixie Road. My youngest daughter Devon loves to watch planes, so we stayed a while and saw a dozen or so some in.

Canwest Jet Landing

CanJet Airplane Just About To Land

On Monday my father received notification that someone discovered Chandelle but chose not to move it. At the time they hadn’t realized it was a new travel bug, so they left it. They said if they had known it was just starting its travels they would have taken it.  This showed me a new aspect of trackable items that I hadn’t considered before. If I find travel bugs or geocoins in a cache I either move them and log them or just leave them. It never occurred to me that I could log a discovery but not actually move the item. That is something I will probably start doing now. I know I’ve seen quite a few trackables that I chose to leave, and now I know I can keep a better record of them.


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