Micro Stig’s Enzo Ferrari

Micro Stig's Enzo Ferrari

Micro Stig's Enzo Ferrari

On Saturday I prepared my second travel bug for release. As its first goal Micro Stig’s Enzo Ferrari has been sent to British Columbia to participate in the Great Canadian Travel Bug Race 2009 -2010. I found the thread about the race at the GroundSpeak forum and thought it could be fun. It was a last minute decision to enter as  the race starts July 1, but I managed to get everything ready in time.

Micro Stig's Enzo Ferrari - Side View

Micro Stig in the Driver's Seat

I was planning to release a travel bug like this to visit all kinds of motor racing related places, and after the race that is what I will change its goal to. If you are not familiar the name Stig, it is a reference to the mysterious driver on the BBC’s  show Top Gear. If you like shows about cars this is a great one with a lot of humor.


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