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The weather didn’t cooperate on Saturday as expected. The closest we got to the outdoors was Bass Pro Shops at Vaughan Mills shopping center. The original plan was to give my father his gift Saturday, so we could release his travel bug after a visit to the Warplane Museum at a nearby cache. It got delayed until late afternoon Sunday. We activated the travel bug which is called Chandelle after an aerobatic maneuver. We picked a different cache to release it right by Pearson International Airport, GCH31J Not the Airport Hilton, which is both appropriate for the bug’s aviation theme and because this cache is intended as place for travellers to pick up and drop off trackable items. Hopefully we will get there within  a  week or so.

Gatsby's Ride

Gatsby's Ride - Travel Bug

For Father’s Day I received some travel bugs from my daughters, and I have already prepared one of them. This will be the first travel bug I have released, and I am looking forward to tracking it. I called it Gatsby’s Ride since the car reminds of the type someone from The Great Gatsby might drive. It’s mission is to visit any automotive theme caches or any caches close to places with any sort of automotive connection. I picked a cache close to home that I have already visited to release it, GC1R7F3 – Dinky Car Treasures , and I plan to go there this evening to drop it off. Hopefully it gets picked up soon.


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