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One of the downsides of using freely available WordPress themes is that someone else will be using it too. That’s not so bad if we are talking about different subject matter, but I just stumbled across another geocaching blog using the same theme as I am. I shouldn’t be completely surprised, like me, the author of Cache Mania surely noticed that this theme called Kanata is brilliantly suited to a geocaching or outdoors related site.

I will have to look around for a new theme, or I might even try building one of my own. Don’t be surprised if the look of the site changes dramatically in the near future.

Update: June 19, 2009 9:00am – I activated a theme called Wilderness which I may not keep for long. It has three columns which I want but some of the styling is not the way I like. I will keep checking other themes and see what else I can find. I will probably test something new for a day or two until I finally find what I like.


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