Not Quite FTF

SPOILER WARNING:  While I’m careful not to give away too many specifics about a cache, it is always possible I might mention details you don’t want to know. Proceed accordingly.

I don’t know if I’ll ever manage a “First to Find.” Sunday afternoon I was number 4 to log a find on a new cache down the road from our house. Several weeks ago I discovered a park area just down the road that I didn’t know existed before. The area tucked in behind houses and a forested area used to be a farm  a long time ago, and now someone maintains a mowed walking trail in what used to be a field. The last time we walked there I thought it would be a great place for a cache. Well, someone beat me to it, GC1R7F3 – Dinky Car Treasures, was put there a month ago. A cache for trading match box and dinky cars is great to have nearby as my youngest daughter really likes toy cars. We set off with a couple of cars to trade and after walking the main path first to avoid a couple walking their dog, we hunted down the cache. It took a few minutes of searching but we found and traded our cars.

I’m still thinking of placing a cache in the area. It’s a big field and I think we can put one a good distance away so it will be approved and give people a chance to do a coulpe with one stop.


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