A Good Clue

SPOILER WARNING:  While I’m careful not to give away too many specifics about a cache, it is always possible I might mention details you don’t want to know. Proceed accordingly.

In a hurry to run some errands Sunday morning, I left the house without my GPSr. I planned to stop at two caches: one I already new the location GC1R72Z – Sam’s Zone, and GC1R752 – Are you smarter than a canine cacher which I new the general vicinity but not the precise location.

Sam’s Zone proved to be a problem again. It seems each time I need to go to the Walmart where it is located it happens to be a busy time of day. Once again too many muggles meant I didn’t attempt it. I’ll have to pick my shopping time more carefully next time.

I knew the canine cacher cache was near the PetSmart store. Previously I bypassed it becuase logs suggested it was missing. This time I had to buy dog biscuits. I knew the cache was available, so I might as well look. Upset at myself for forgetting the GPSr, I thought I would have a look anyway. Since I always decrypt the hints posted on the cache page, I at least had that to go by, and while it suggested a possiblity without being too blatant I proceeded to check a couple of places after leaving the store. Sure enough, the clue lead me to it. I could see it from a short distance, but it was in a fairly exposed area. My daughter and I sat on a curb for a minute, and during a brief break in auto and pedestrian traffic I grabbed the  cache and signed the log. After another brief wait I was able to replace it.


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