Victoria Day Weekend

SPOILER WARNING: While I’m careful not to give away too many specifics about a cache, it is always possible I might mention details you don’t want to know. Proceed accordingly.

The long weekend gave plenty of opportunity to hunt for some caches. Since I still have a lot of “close to home” caches to find, even going out to run errands gives me a chance to make a couple of stops.  Saturday morning I drove by, but chose not to do GC1R752 – Are you smarter than a canine cacher since the latest log entries suggested it was missing. I see it is back in action, so I’ll be stopping there soon since dog biscuits are on my shopping list. After doing groceries I swung by GC1R72Z – Sam’s Zone. I know exactly where the cache is, but noon on a Saturday is Muggle Central at a Walmart. I had to abort, but I won’t call it a DNF.

Bridge is Out

Bridge Out

Saturday afternoon the weather looked a little iffy. It was supposed to be clearing, but scattered showers kept coming. We were celebrating my dad’s birthday and decided to head out to Meadowvale Conservation Area so dad could see what geocaching was about. We were lucky. We had a couple of hours with only a little drizzle even though it threatened to be much worse. We planned to do three caches, and the first was the only physical cache from TerraCaching that is close by.

The cache was almost a kilometer deep in the park. We hiked in from the parking area at the CVC Administration office and despite some muddy areas had a very pleasant walk along the trail. Fortunately I had read the updated cache description and logs that said the suspension bridge was out of commission so we knew to approach it from the right side of the river. We found the cache without trouble and enjoyed being able to do so without being observed by anyone. On the hike out we took the trail to the bridge and had a good look at it. The timber supports at either end clearly have cracks in them, so it looks like it will be out of order for a long time. Hopefully they will fix it because it looks like fun to cross.

We drove over to the main park area and quickly chose not to attempt GC1QAYQ – Big Old Tree. None of us felt like wading into the weeds which appeared necessary to approach this one. I’ll come back and do it myself. We headed further into the park to do GCVDQ – Away Mission – Meadowvale. Both my father and I had our GPSr’s and we found the general area of the cache quickly. As always seems to be the case with the Garmin Nuvi units, we found ourselves wandering back and forth in a ten metre area. Ultimately my father spotted the cache, his first find, in a place I thought I had looked already. All in all we had a successful afternoon then headed home for a rib birthday dinner.

Bob and Devon

My Father and Devon - Away Mission Complete

On Sunday, Devon and I attempted GC12QWF – Clone Zone – Part 1 – Around the River. However, we quickly found the weeds to be a problem. Devon is just three years old and weeds that are knee deep for me are above her waist. There didn’t seem to be any real trails on this side of the river, so we turned back and decided to explore the park on the other side. After a bit of bushwacking we found a mowed trail I didn’t know existed. The trail is easily accessible from Kenninghall Crescent,  so later that day we came back to walk the dogs there.

Monday was a beautiful day for a walk, so the whole family headed into Streetsville for a trip to Murphy’s Ice Cream Shop. I figured this would be a good chance to visit a couple of micro’s on the way home. The first, GC1H824 – Restin’ in Trinity (Streetsville), was a quick find. It is easy to forget with the rebuilt church that the cemetary dates back to Streetsville’s earliest days. After finding the cache we spent some time looking at the tombstones. Some of the older ones are barely legible anymore, and sadly quite a few are for children. One particularly large one lists several children from one family who died over a period of a few years. It makes me thankful that infant mortality is much less a concern now.

The second, GC1QZIC – Wall of Hedge, proved to be tougher. We got to the general vicinity of the cache but the GPSr reading kept moving me about. We had a good idea of what we were looking for and my wife and I kept searching in vain while our daughters played in the grass. In the ten minutes we were searching a few cars passed, and I kept expecting someone to stop. Sure enough, the next one stopped just past us seemingly with a purpose, and I sensed that the couple were geocachers. My feeling was immediately confirmed when I heard, “Did you find it?” called out. I replied, “No.” This was the first time we met anyone geocaching. Hi to RadioFly and SweetGirl who introduced themselves and quickly homed in on the cache. RadioFly’s GPSr took him straight to it while mine put me about ten feet away. We each signed the log then enjoyed some geocaching talk. RadioFly handed me a Serial Kacher geocoin he picked up earlier that I will move along soon.

Serial Kacher Geocoin - Front

Serial Kacher Geocoin - Front

Serial Kacher Geocoin - Back

Serial Kacher Geocoin - Back


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