So Near, Yet So Far

Credit River - Looking Back

Credit River - Looking Back

Credit River

Credit River - Approaching Cache

SPOILER WARNING:  While I’m careful not to give away too many specifics about a cache, it is always possible I might mention details you don’t want to know. Proceed accordingly.

A week ago, I set out to find GCZBQD So near, yet fo far! This cache is only about half a mile from my home as the crow flies, but to approach it I went to a trail head a couple of miles away that lead down into the valley by the Credit River from the opposite side of the river from my home.

I was expecting some tough going as the cache has only had 49 finds since November 2006, but I was pleasantly surprised. April is definitely the time to tackle caches in areas where a lot of plants will grow during the summer. While there was a lot of evidence of last year’s plants, most of it was dried out and flattened down making progress quite easy. The only tricky part was crossing a creek, but there was a conveniently located log to make the crossing.

Deer Tracks #2

Deer Tracks

Just before crossing the creek I spotted my first deer. There was evidence all around the area that deer frequent the forest here, but I didn’t really expect to see any. Deer have quite a knack for standing still just long enough for someone to get their camera out then running away before actually being photographed. I got no pictures of deer even though I saw two more before reaching the cache.

Cache - GCZQBD - So near, yet so far!

The Cache

The cache itself was easily spotted once I got to the location. It is in great shape with lots of good trading items. I picked up the Geo Rover travel bug from this cache and the New Jersey Devils travel bug from the nearby GC1201H Milli-sauga which I had located a week earlier.

Travel Bug - Geo Rover

Geo Rover Travel Bug

All in all this cache was a lot of fun and I managed to do it in 1 hour door to door. Although if time constraints would have allowed it, I would have spent a lot more time just exploring the area which is something I did do on my next visit, but that will be another post.

Travel Bug - NJD #1

NJD #1 Travel Bug


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