No Find Weekend

Ready for the Cache

Ready for the Cache

SPOILER WARNING:  While I’m careful not to give away too many specifics about a cache, it is always possible I might mention details you don’t want to know. Proceed accordingly.

It was one of those weekends when things didn’t go to plan. I have these two travel bugs that need to be dropped off somewhere, so I planned what  I thought would be a couple of quick finds.

The first was going to be GC1Q651 Cards, only cards, nothing but cards which I thought would be a good place for the New Jersey Devil travel bug. This travel bug is trying to get to an New Jersey Devils NHL playoff game and while I can’t get it to one of those, I thought a location right by the Hershey Center here in Mississauga would be ideal. After all, plenty of up and coming NHL prospects play there.  With the travel bug in hand and a couple of stained glass store discount cards to add to the cache, I drove there with my daughter after running some errands. After parking and a false start in the wrong direction we headed the right way towards the cache. We came within 100 metres of our destination but were surprised to find a marshy area on top of a hill approaching the cache. Since I was wearing running shoes and my daughter was in sandals we weren’t going through it. There was no obvious way around it and with alternate routes taking us to heavier undergrowth I decided to abort.  It definitely pays to be prepared for unexpected conditions.

The weather interfered with the rest of our plans that afternoon with heavy winds and thunderstorms rolling in, but Sunday was another day. A morning of drizzle didn’t keep Devon and me at home. We went to see the deer down by the river, but didn’t get to look for any caches before she was hungry for lunch. Later in the day, off to do some grocery shopping, I thought I would check out a couple more caches. First was GCQNHQ Under Pill Hill but a quick look at the terrain while I drove by suggested it might be another wet area considering all the rain, so I headed for my second choice. This one, GCNX9B Credit River Surprise, seemed promising. A quick walk from the parking lot took me straight to ground zero near some mill ruins. My GPS made things a little difficult. As I moved to the cache location the readings would show me getting closer, but as I stood still looking for signs of the cache, the readings would change and show me further away again. I was sure I had the general area and saw an item someone had posted a photograph of at which seemed to be in exactly the right spot. There was no cache there. Looking around I saw nothing that fit the clue except for one thing, but it was out of my reach and I couldn’t believe it would be the cache. So, with time running short and some shopping to complete, I have log this one as not found.

I still have the Geo Rover travel bug and the New Jersey Devil travel bug in hand and hope to put them somewhere soon.


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